You’ll Love The Omega VRT350 Juicer Review

Admit it; you want to be healthier! The Omega VRT350 will help this happen. As a nation, we are taking steps to cram in as many vitamins as we can throughout our day. But it’s not always easy, especially when we are reluctant to feed the pharmaceutical companies more money for pseudo vitamins disguised as friendly pills!

Omega Juicer Review

It is well known that fruits and vegetables contain many essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to combat those pesky free radicals. However, when you’re busy running a household, chasing that career, or even both! Finding the time of day to prepare perfectly balanced, freshly made meals is complex. At the same time, the juice isn’t a miracle cure. It is a new, natural supplement that takes no time at all to refresh you and give your health a vitality boost.

Okay, so you can buy juice from a shop, right? Well, you can; several well-known brands are currently catering to the health food market, trying to entice everyone to use their pre-packaged products. You can run into any store and find some juice to go with your breakfast on the go, but here’s the point. Juice like that is packaged to keep! It is meant to be able to stay on a store shelf for who knows how long and not go off!

Does that sound like something natural and full of the goodness you’re trying to make sure you add to your diet? NO! Pre-packaged juice is likely full of preservatives, flavorings, and added sugar. On top of that, by not doing the juicing yourself, you are going through a middle man and lining someone else’s pockets with your money!

Feeding the Craze

Millions of people are seeing the benefits of juicing at home; countless books, websites, and magazines are dedicated to the best, freshest recipes to put together to vitalize your body and mind.

The VRT350 Juicer from well-established Omega is a crucial piece of hardware you need for that job. With resilient components such as a stainless steel cutting – disc, high efficiency, and the peace of mind that comes with a one-year limited warranty. It simply outperforms its competition and reliably delivers smooth, refreshing froth-free drinks at a fraction of the time and cost of its competition.

Talking about saving time to fit those fruits and veggies into your diet. The Omega 350VRT can give you a glass of juice in 5 seconds! This is thanks to its efficient design and wide feeding chute. Combined with a powerful 850w motor, this is a recipe for success.

Omega VRT350

Omega hasn’t stopped there, though. They have based the 350VRT on style and efficient function, with a sleek silver finish, transparent viewing areas, and a 1-liter collection jug to see precisely what you are getting and how much. It is a contemporary design that will proudly and effortlessly fit into any kitchen.

omega juicer

If you’re still not sold on what we consider to be a significant investment in your health and your kitchen, consider this: Not only is it quick and easy to prepare fresh juice at home with the Omega 350VRT, but it is a clean process as well. Because of style and efficient juicing, the Omega 350VRT delivers a large pulp collection unit and dishwasher-safe parts such as the 1-liter capacity jug. The clean-up from refreshing drinks for the whole family is made a breeze.


Omega VRT350 Juicer

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If you are looking for a solid juicer that you can buy once and be set for a few years then the Omega VRT 350 is a juicer you will want to consider.  It either meets or exceed the average expectations and carries the Omega brand which is well know in the juicing industry as making some great juicers.

Quality 8
Value 7
Cleaning/Maintenance 7
Fruits 8
Leafy Greens 7
Celery 7
Dense Produce 7

Final thoughts on our Omega VRT350 Juicer Review

With an affordable price of around $200, the Omega 350 VRT is a stylish, functional, and solid investment for your kitchen.

Over a few weeks, the machine will have paid for itself and saved you from the countless bags of sugar hidden in shelf-stocked products. It gives you the freedom to save time, eat healthier, design your recipes and make you feel refreshed.

Start improving your life today with a straightforward purchase; following scouring hundreds of product reviews on the market competition, I was sold on the positive feedback and feedback this company had achieved, and I haven’t looked back.

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