The Omega J8004, produced by Omega, and primarily sold in the US, can truly be referred to as a masterpiece. It is only marginally different from other Omega J models, all of which receive outstanding ratings in reviews and tests.

The stats-all you need to know!

This juicer runs on standard 110V, and is, what is commonly referred to as a low speed juicer. Specifically, it runs at 80rpm (revolutions per minute). What this means is that it grinds and extracts at a much, much slower rate than most other commercial juicers-which can run at up to 15,000 revolutions per minute. This much lower speed makes sure that the food that is being processed is treated as gently as possible.

For most ingredients, this means that the finished juice can be stored within the juicer for up to 72 hours without going bad. Normally, this wouldn’t be possible due to oxidation caused by higher rpms. The juicer employs a masticating system, which means that it mimics chewing-one of the most natural and gentle on the ingredients.

Omega J8004 juicer review

This juicer is very quiet while in operation, just like its sister models. On that note, the only difference between the Omega J8004 and the Omega J8006 is its color. The ’04 is plain white whereas the ’06 comes in Chrome. That being said, they are both made of plastic-the difference is entirely cosmetic-although it also affects the price tag-the chrome colored model is a solid 40 dollars more expensive.

If you want to get really technical….

The Omega J8004 weighs an even 15 pounds, and measures 15 by 7 by 16 inches. It uses dual-stage, single-gear technology to preserve as many nutrients as possible while processing the ingredients. This juicer model is built to work through fruit as well as vegetables, to mince, grind, and also to make dairy based products. A small feeding chute (The space in which the ingredients are inserted) makes it necessary to chop the inserted ingredients to fairly small pieces before filling them in-in practical use this can be a slight disadvantage, depending on what exactly the juicer is used for.

What can I do with this?

]This juicer is highly praised for its ability to handle vegetables, something many if not most other juicers struggle with or outright fail at. It is also an excellent tool to use to make frozen desserts, ice cream and other dairy products. This model, as well as the J8006 is also capable of making peanut butter-by crushing and grinding nuts. It is fairly easy to clean-despite consisting of a lot of different parts and coming with several different attachments and extension. Due to this, it can be a little hard to get used to-it most likely isn’t a very good ‘first’ juicer, especially considering the somewhat large price tag.

omega uses

The juicer has been around since 2009, and it still retails for around 200 dollars, which can be a fair investment-for a very useful tool that is a big addition to every kitchen. For those looking for a somewhat cheaper model-the previous J8003&8005 are lower-spec, a little lower and less well-made. They do however still serve well as an ‘entry-model’.

For young mothers, this juicer is also a very interesting item as it can be used to produce very high-quality baby food, preserving as many of the nutrients in it as possible, while delivering a smooth product perfect for healthy babies.

To sum it up…

The Omega J8004 (and its sibling the J8006), are valuable additions to every kitchen. These juicers are very quiet, operate at 80rpm rather than most commercially available models that will operate at between 3,000 and 15,000rpm.

At around 15 pounds and approximately 15 by 6 by 15 inches, it is a fairly sizeable machine, however its many uses more than make up for it-it works well with vegetables, fruit, dairy and frozen products, it can even be used to make peanut butter by crushing nuts.

The only downside aside from its somewhat clunky side is the price tag-even 7 years after its release, it retails at over 200 dollars (240 for the chrome colored J8006 model), making it a rather sizeable investment.

There are better models out there for someone who wants to get started with juicing, especially since the model comes with a fair amount of attachments and parts that can be a little difficult to master for newcomers. It is, however, a very nice investment for mothers as it makes very smooth and pulp-free baby food.

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