Introduction to the Hurom HU100 Slow Juicer

Are you fond of having fresh juices every day, but tired of seeing so much of the pulp wasted with juice still in it? Well, if you experience this, rest assured that the majority of people face the same issue regularly.

Juices and fruits are essential for a healthy balanced life, as they cure many medical illnesses such as aging issues and nerve problems, to name a few. Most juicers in the world can’t extract more than 70% of the juice present in the fruit. That makes most of your juice wasted and the pulp dried. This happens due to the fast operation that most juicers possess.

This instant and fast extraction technology leaves the pulp of any fruit dried out, and much of the juice wasted. Well, now you don’t have to worry about this issue as we have brought the ultimate solution to you: the Hurom HU100 Slow Juicer. If you are thinking about what is the leading solution in this juicer, keep reading!

The Hurom HU100 is a slow juicer; yes, you heard it right, and this juicer works on a slow squeezing technology that produces a higher fruit juice yield for you than any other fast-extraction juicer. The Hurom HU100 Slow Juicer can provide you with more than 70% juice from a fruit without wasting any of its pulp, enzymes, nutrients, and minerals.

Thinking about how this juicer is extracting much more juice than its other counterparts and wonder how this slow extracting technology works? In that case, we are here to give you all the details in the sections below.

Pros and Cons of the Juicer

Every juicer out there has its pros and cons, depending on its mechanism, technicalities, construction, and features. Whether you like a product or not depends on your personal preference, choice, and usage. We have jotted down some of this product’s basic pros and cons, so you can better understand whether it is the right choice for you or not.


It has an automatic cleaning mechanism
It does not create any froth
It creates Minimum oxidation
It performs a noiseless operation
It possesses a very compact design
It yields a higher amount of juice and nutrition
Its parts are BPA free
It can make almond and soy milk as well


It can juice every type of produce
It has a juice shelf life of 72 hours
It provides continuous juicing while ejecting external pulp
You can have three colors available for the same model, white, silver, and black


It is not dishwasher safe
It is mid-priced
It is not very efficient in processing wheatgrass compared to a horizontal juicing machine.
It can be clogged if the fruit pieces are not cut into small chunks
It takes some time because of its slow extracting mechanism
Hurom HU100

Details and Features of the Hurom HU100

Now that you know the product that can help you extract the most juice out of fruit, and you also know its pros and cons, let’s dig into some more details and features of the product.

What is it made up of? How does it work? What are the technicalities, and what do you get in its box? Let’s address all of these queries now.

What Comes in the Box of the Juicer?

The juicer box provides you with everything you need to assemble the juicer. It contains a drum or bowl to place the fruit pieces. Moreover, it contains an Ultem strainer to help strain the juice and separate the pulp efficiently.

You also get two more containers with the juicer, one for the juice and the other one to contain the pulp. With the slow juicer, you also get a drying rack to dry all the contents of the juicer and an advanced cleaning brush to clean the strainers and juicer’s containers.

These are all the parts that you will receive in the box. They are super easy to assemble and clean afterward, thus making your life much easier.


The Hurom HU100 Slow Juicer is a brilliant invention, working through a second-generation mechanism with slow squeezing technology. This helps the juicer yield a higher amount of juice and rich minerals from the fruits.

This juicer weighs only 13 pounds and has a carbon footprint smaller than the other juicers on the market. This makes the product take up very little space on your kitchen counter or kitchen shelf, making it compact and easily manageable.

As it has a handle, this makes it easier for you to transport or carry the juicer very conveniently to other places if needed. This option is not widely available in other vertical juicers, making handling and moving difficult for the person using it.

The plastic with which the slow juicer is made is entirely BPS or BPA-free, which makes it stand out for one more reason. This Hurom HU100 juicer also solves one more of your problems: noise pollution. This juicer works silently and remains quiet during all its operations, making it a treat to use for you.

Technical Details of the Juicer

Now, coming to the technical details of this fantastic product; the Hurom HU100 Slow Juicer mostly gets a 4 out of 5 rating on most online sites and public reviews. This juicer provides excellent quality juice without wasting any minerals and nutrients from the fruits.

This slow juicer provides a juice shelf life of 72 hours and ejects the pulp externally, making cleaning easy for you. This product has a single-phase induction motor that uses 150 watts and 120 volts when operating.

The juicer extracts juice with 80 RPM auger speed without damaging any of the fruit’s enzymes and vitamins. The auger is made from Ultem plastic and is highly durable. The Ultem plastic used in the Hurom HU100 Juicer is eight times stronger than ordinary plastic.

Its strainer is also made up of Ultem plastic and stainless steel. This juicer’s feed chute is large and big, and measures 2.25 inches by 1.25 inches in diameter, and can accept even large pieces of fruits and produce. However, it is advised that you cut all your fruits and ingredients into small chunks to avoid clogging and blocking.

This juicer has a vertical design and offers a five-year warranty on the motor, and one year warranty on the parts. It is ideal for home and personal usage, and is considered best for extracting juices from fruits, nuts and beans, citruses, and even denser ingredients.

Quality of the Juice Provided by the Hurom HU100 Slow Juicer

After knowing everything in detail about the product, you would be eager to learn its juice quality. How does it extract the juice, and how does it, in any way, affect the taste and quality of your juice?

Every masticating juicer separates the juice and the fruit with the help of a dual mastication process. The same is the case here, but the qualitative plastic Ultem auger is used for crushing and breaking down the ingredients.

After breaking down the product, the pulpy liquid inside is pushed towards the juicing strainer, further leading to two more ways. The juice exists out of the juice ejection tube, and the pulp exists out through the pulp ejection tube. 

Hurom Hu100 pouring

This process produces high-quality juice containing all the minerals, enzymes, and nutrients. This juice may have some small pulp particles to provide you with more minerals and freshness of the fruit. However, if you do not like even smaller pulp, you can further strain it.

You can either enjoy your juice then and there or store it in an air-tight container, refrigerating it for up to 72 hours. The way your juice can have a shelf life of 72 hours says a lot already about the taste and quality of the juice this juicer produces.


Hurom HU100 Slow Juicer

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Hurom HU100

While the Hurom HU100 may be an older model, it is still relevant.  This juicer still produces high-quality juice and can handle most juicing applications.  It does struggle with juicing leafy greens on its own, but this may not be a big concern unless you plan on drinking nothing but kale juice.  It is also straightforward to clean and maintain, with the significant exception being that it is not dishwasher safe; however, most serious juicers usually handwash their juicer after anyway.  The HU100 is still a suitable option and worth the investment.

Quality 7
Value 7
Cleaning/Maintenance 7
Fruits 8
Leafy Greens 6
Celery 7
Dense Produce 8

How to Maintain this Juicer?

While being the best in the league, this juicer is also relatively easy and affordable to maintain. Once you know where to attach all the pieces, it is easy to set up your machine. However, you do not have to do much to avoid clogging it.

Just make sure that when you juice big and complicated products like leafy greens, celery, and wheatgrass, you have to cut them into small pieces. These products will likely clog your machine, and if you just cut them into small chunks, they will get crushed without any issues.

One more tip to work on is that you can easily extract juice without getting it clogged. For this, you can try alternating soft and hard pieces together for extraction, so your juicer receives a blend of both and crushes the products easily.

Although it is very unlikely if the juicer still gets stuck, you can try exerting very light pressure through the pusher so the product catches on the auger. But remember not to push any of the items too hard. Keep an eye on the pulp ejection pipe to see if the machine is working correctly. 

To clean it, remember that the juicer is not dishwasher-friendly, as it can get damaged through this. For cleaning the juicer, you will only have to spare a few minutes of yours. Just place the juicer parts in warm and soapy water for some time, and then wash everything gently using the cleaning brush.

The cleaning brush can easily remove the pulp from getting stuck in the mesh screen and sometimes in the ejection pipes. Once you have cleaned all the parts, dry them, especially the strainer, from all water droplets. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Following are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the Hurom HU100 Slow Juicer. Reading the detailed answers about these will help you better understand the product.

What kind of produce can it handle?

This product can handle every kind of produce; hard and soft items, leafy greens, and grasses are a few examples. The hard produces include watermelon, coconut, ginger, asparagus, celery, cauliflower, garlic, beets, pineapple, turmeric, cilantro, pear, bitter gourd, pumpkin, yakon, fennel, carrots, sweet potato, and apple.

The leafy green produces include parsley, peppermint, sprout, spring onion, moringa, romaine lettuce, cabbage, kale, spinach, collard greens, dandelion grass, wheatgrass, lettuce, basil, beet greens, and pine tree needles.

Citrus fruits that the juicer can extract juice from include grapefruit, lime, orange, lemon, lime, mandarin, and tangerine. You can even make almond and soy milk from this juicer. You can even use soft produce for juices. However, too soft juices are not recommended mainly because they will produce a puree kind of consistency instead of a juice.

The soft fruits which are very beneficial also include strawberry, mango, tomato, melon, pomegranate, peach, blackberry, avocado, papaya, grapes, kiwifruit, and cranberries. 

Is it easy to clean?

This machine is easy to clean because it is not as complicated as other vertical slow juicers. You can’t clean this juicer machine in the dishwasher as it can get damaged and void the insurance with it.

You can, however, simply clean it by yourself. Just soak it in lukewarm soapy water for a few minutes so the particles or pulp extraction can get a bit soft. After some time, you can clean and wash it with your hands and also use the cleaning brush given with it.

Gently rubbing the strainer and the mesh screen will get all the pulp particles and the wastage out of the machine very efficiently. You can even rub the brush through the juice and pulp extraction pipes, so they also get a thorough cleaning.

After washing them nicely, just dry all the objects with a towel or piece of cloth so no water droplets remain on the machine.

Can I get replacement parts for the machine?

Yes, you can very easily get the juicer’s replacement parts from any online selling website, and you can even check out general stores in your neighborhood. The Hurom HU100 Juicer is not a complicated machine and has very simple and easy-to-operate parts.

Although it won’t happen very quickly, if you still experience any issues with the parts or get a part broken, you can easily get replacement parts for the machine. There are famous online platforms like Alibaba and Amazon that have a variety of replacement parts for this juicer, and you can even buy them at very reasonable prices.

The reason that its replacement parts are easily available in the market and also at a very reasonable price, the Hurom HU100 juicer is a must-have for every household as it is very easy to manage.

Where is it made?

This juicer is a Korean-made product, as this company named Hurom was founded in 1974 as a South Korean kitchen appliance brand. This company offers a variety of juicers that specialize in making smoothies and juices of leafy greens, fruits, and vegetables of all kinds.

The Hurom Company operates as an e-commerce company from New York, America as well, but its headquarters are still in South Korea. All the products available in the market are manufactured and assembled In Korea, as the company’s manufacturing hub is in South Korea.

Is the Hurom HU100 Slow Juicer worth it?

The Hurom HU100 vertical slow juicer is your ultimate choice if you are a juice lover. If you are already a habitual centrifugal juicer, you would know that those juicers work faster but, in actuality, waste most of the nutrients and minerals of your produces.

On the other hand, this masticating juicer takes some time to extract the juice because it is a slower juicer, but it ensures that no enzymes, minerals, or nutrients are wasted in the juicing process. It does not even make any loud noises to make you and the people around you uncomfortable and irritated.

In fact, it processes the juice very quietly and slowly, thus not producing any noise pollution. It is easy to clean and maintain as the parts are very easy to assemble and disassemble. It also comes in three stylish colors, black, silver, and white, providing a good opportunity to choose your favorite color.

Hence in all things, the Hurom HU100 slow juicer is totally worth it in every aspect as it is a product with all the benefits that you need while having fresh and healthy juices whenever you want.

Counter Hurom Hu100 Slow Juicer


The Hurom HU100 juicer is the ultimate choice of every juice lover as its vertical slow juicer design extracts the most juice out of anything without wasting any of the healthy nutrition. It is a must-have, as it is not complicated to manage and clean like other vertical juicers in the market.

It will take up less space in your kitchen and comes with a five-year and one-year warranty for motor and parts. As this juicer does not make any noises during the extraction, you will love keeping it on your kitchen counter because it is quite easy to use and manage.

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