Whilst the Breville JE98XL Juicer may not have one of those names which could be whispered to customers through subtle advertising on a crowded shop floor, there is something which the product design team thought about when they launched this beauty of a machine. That is, they have provided the juicing market with something that is from the outset, beautifully crafted with a design which will make this juicer a feature in your home and not an impulse buy which is nested away in the darkness of a cupboard for several years.

Breville is a household name, spending years developing appliances which will last, I am certain you still have and use one of their sandwich toasters which you purchased how many years ago now? Their JE98XL juicer is built to last just as long. The whole product is driven by a motor with a crushing power of 850Watts, which whilst it wont mirror the power of the dream car you picture yourself in with your lottery winnings, it will annihilate any fruit or vegetables you wish to turn into a healthy wholesome addition to your diet. Not only doing its job, but doing it blindingly well, the stainless steel cutting disc and dual speed options helping to produce a glass of juice in around 5 seconds.

breville juicer

Safety conscious juicers: look no further

Accidents in the kitchen are unfortunately common, when selling a product which has the capacity, cutting ability and power to produce 1lt of juice from fresh fruits and vegetables in an amazing amount of time, you might understandably have some trepidation about incorporating such an appliance into your home. However the folks at Breville have planned for you to have the safest juice production experience with safety locking handle and overload warning LED to let you know your extraction limits, something the competition hasn’t always considered.

Getting the most for your money:

The market is flooded with juicing machines right now as people strive to adapt to healthier lifestyles and save money by stepping away from pre-packaged goods and preparing food for themselves at home. Brevilles addition to this market could be easily lost, but it shouldn’t be. A low priced affordable investment really delivers more for your money than the competition. Large juicing reservoir, piece of mind with secure safety features and a well machined mechanism which gets the most from the ingredients you use with it make Breville the company to go with when looking for an investment into healthy living.

When preparing food at home, you want to make your ingredients stretch as far as possible, right? The same goes with juicing, you want to know that every drop of goodness is squeezed and pressed into your glass. This machine doesn’t just add value for money for you at the checkout, it does it every single time you use it. The evidence for this is clear, as when performing a remarkably quick tidy up thanks to its dishwasher safe parts, you will notice that the remaining pulp which has been processed and separated into the large capacity pulp collector is bone dry, something which everyone who has done any research on the best juicing products knows is a sure fire sign they are looking at an efficient and high quality product.

Breville JE98XL

Final thoughts

Stepping up to the standards you would expect from such a well established company, the Breville JE98XL Juicer is excellent value for money and easily outshines its competition. One thing which is not evident on a shop floor is the opinion of those who have used the product, this information goes a long way and I can tell you that having used it myself, this product is one of the best to consider. Whilst some of the competitor’s offerings may be slightly cheaper, you lose the feeling of quality, the sense of reliability and surely do not extract as much from your ingredients as you possibly good. This juicer lets you quickly make a refreshing drink with minimal mess, filters it to create a smooth finished product and allows you to go about your day feeling satisfied. Surely, you couldn’t ask for anything more.

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