Deciding Between the Nutribullet vs Ninja?

If you’ve decided to go the route of a personal blender to help you in your pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, you may find two popular choices in front of you: Nutribullet vs Ninja. So, which one will it be?

As compact blenders, both the Nutribullet and Ninja are solid choices. They allow people to adopt a healthy lifestyle, even on a budget. Since they are compact blenders, they are very affordable for most people. When you want to make a quick smoothie before you head out the door in the morning, the Nutribullet and Ninja will be the blenders you will likely shop around for. But how do you know which one is the best?

Not to worry. We’ve put together a guide for you below, discussing some of the most important things like the design features, performance, price, warranty, and accessories so that you can make the right decision for you. Of course, we’ve rendered our judgment, too. If you want to check it out first, scroll down to the bottom. If you’ve got time, we recommend checking out our guide below.

​Nutribullet vs Ninja Design

Let’s talk design. Ultimately, the blender’s effectiveness will be determined by its design, including the blades, power, and controls.


The design and strength of the blender’s blade are so important. It determines how smooth your smoothie will be! It’s pretty common to put things like ice into the blender, and the last thing you want when you are drinking your delicious smoothie is to find chunks of ice all through it.

Nutribullet vs Ninja: Nutribullet Blades


The blades on the Nutribullet are short and not the sharpest blades out there. This was by design as many high-power blenders use dull blades to shred and pulverize rather than cut. 

This is likely why the Nutribullt is soo loved for making smoothies and similar drinks. However, it does mean that putting things in the Nutribullet may take a bit longer to get it blended. Of course, putting soft fruits or yogurt into the Nutribullet will be no issue and will blend up your smoothie quickly and efficiently.


The blades on the Ninja are a bit longer than the Nutribullet and sharper. This means they will quickly chop up your fruits and vegetables, creating a friendly, blended smoothie.

A unique feature of the Ninja blades is that 2 points up and 2 points down. This is a big help in getting ingredients on the bottom to move around the entire blender without getting stuck.

Nutribullet vs Ninja: Ninja Blades

Nutribullet vs Ninja Power

There are a few different models you can choose from regarding the Nutribullet and Ninja, but overall, the power of both is pretty similar. Their motors are very comparable. However, the Ninja’s motor is slightly more potentl than the Nutribullet. This means that the Ninja has a slight edge when blending up your ingredients quicker and easier than the Nutribullet.

Nutribullet vs Ninja Control

The controls for the Nutribullet and Ninja are pretty similar, and both are relatively simplistic. Read below as we explore where the Nutribullet and Ninja differ regarding their controls.


Probably the most significant difference in controls for the Nutribullet and Ninja is that the Nutribullet has a single-speed setting.

This advantage makes it very easy to lock the container onto the base and push the button. You won’t need (nor can you) make any adjustments to the speed it blends your smoothie. This frees you up to get ready in the morning or do something else while it mixes away.

The disadvantage to this is that if you have ingredients that are harder to blend, you’re stuck with just the one speed to get it all mixed.


Unlike the Nutribullet, the Ninja has 2-speed settings and a pulse setting.

This allows you to use the lower speed for your softer fruits and the higher rate for the harder-to-blend items. Also, you can use the pulse button if you need to along the way.

The downside to the Ninja controls is that you must stay with it while blending since you must manually keep it pressed down while it’s blending.

Ninja Personal

Nutribullet vs Ninja Performance

When it comes to performance, the ability to chop up your fruits and vegetables quickly and efficiently is ideal. When you are in a hurry (aren’t we all?), time counts.

So, the better your blender performs, the quicker you can move on with your day and all those things you need to get done!


The Nutribullet is excellent at making a smoothie if you are on the go. However, as far as performance, it doesn’t do quite as well as the Ninja. When blending rougher ingredients like leafy greens, it will take you more time to incorporate them into the smoothie than with the Ninja.


The Ninja is great at creating a well-blended and smooth smoothie. Not only can it blend things like leafy greens much quicker and easier than the Nutribullet, but it also does a better job creating that smooth texture without leaving little bits behind.

Nutribullet vs Ninja Price & Warranty

As far as price goes, both the Nutribullet and Ninja are affordable and pretty similar in price. It may vary from website to website, so it’s worth browsing around if you are looking for a deal. Warranties are where they differ, so let’s explore that.


The Nutribullet comes with a one-year warranty, but you do have the option to add on additional security, giving you four more years of protection. We don’t think one year is a very long time in the world of warranties, so we recommend getting the add-on.


The Ninja also has a one-year warranty, and like the Nutribullet, it has the option for an additional warranty. However, the optional warranty for the Ninja is a VIP Lifetime Warranty. Yes, we said lifetime warranty. That’s a pretty big deal.

Nutribullet vs Ninja Accessories

Sometimes, the accessories that come with a blender can make a big difference. Understanding what you get with the Nutribullet and the Ninja is a good idea.


Apart from the base with a motor and blade in it, you will also get two cups. One cup is taller at 24 oz, while the other is 18 oz. They both come with a lip ring, and the shorter cup also comes with a handle. That makes it very easy to mix up a smoothie and use the mug for drinking it without needing to dirty another dish.

In addition to the cups, there are several other accessories you can buy for the Nutribullet, including stainless steel straws, additional cups, to-go lids for the cups, and a recipe book to get you started on your healthy living journey.

Nutribullet at Home


Like the Nutribullet, the Ninja also comes with two cups, one larger and one smaller. Something that we like about the Ninja cups is the lid. They are called “sip and seal lids” and have a little cover over the spout so that if you are in the car, you can close the lid so it won’t spill out.

Apart from the cups you get with the Ninja, you can also purchase additional sized cups, lids, and a recipe book. We like that you have options for more mugs and different style lids.

And the Winner Is?

The Ninja and Nutribullet are great personal-size blenders that make it simple to enjoy a smoothie if you don’t have too much time and lead an on-the-go lifestyle. However, one does edge out the other.

The Winner Between Nutribullet and Ninja is...

The Ninja is king.


It comes down to a few reasons why Ninja reigns supreme.

The first is power. Even as a small, personal blender, it packs a punch. It can create an incredibly smooth smoothie and do so for you quickly. When you fill it with ice or leafy greens, it has no problems chopping up those ingredients and blending them until they are smooth. Not only is the motor more powerful than Nutribullet, but you also have control options with the Ninja. You can easily use the lower speed if you are only mixing soft ingredients. But, if you need to pulse something thick and chunky, you get that option. The Nutribullet doesn’t offer that.

We also really like how the Ninja is easy to operate. Your controls are on the base, and it is easy to choose from the two-speed and pulse options. Because it is just the base and the cup, it’s easy to keep up with and very user-friendly.

The warranty can also be a pretty big selling point for us. While they both start with a one-year warranty with an option to upgrade to 5 years, the Ninja also has the option for a lifetime. That says much about the manufacturer and how much they back their product.

Once you’ve made your smoothie, it’s a nice feature, too, that the Ninja is dishwasher safe. Yes, the container, blades, and attachments can go in the dishwasher. You may find it easier to hand wash since it’s not that many pieces. But, if you don’t have time or mix up something sticky, it’s nice to know that all you have to do is pop it in the dishwasher, and you are done.

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