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Can you imagine your current kitchen without a blender? No device to make smoothies with or to blend ingredients into a soup. You’re left without an easy option to crush ice or make delicious cocktails. It’s hard to imagine a scenario where the blender wasn’t a staple in the kitchen. Still, prior to 1922, it hadn’t even been invented.

Stephen J Poplawski

In 1919, Stephen J. Poplawski of Racine, Wisconsin, started a design that would revolutionize beverages. In 1922, he debuted the blender. At this point, the device was simply a whirring blade located at the bottom of a container. Initially intended for soda shops, the blender contributed to the popularity of milkshakes in diners everywhere.

The blender caught the eye of another Wisconsin resident, Fred Osius. Osius worked to modify the design of Poplawski’s original blender. Making considerable changes to the design, he created a device that was more functional in a home. He tweaked the container design into the glass pitcher that we all know today. He worked to ensure the blender’s blades would be safe in a domestic setting.

In 1933, Osius and his partner Chester Beach of Hamilton Beach Manufacturing acquired the rights to Poplawski’s blender. Along with Fred Waring, a big-band star in the 30s, they started a successful marketing campaign that took blenders out of soda shops and into the homes of Americans all over the Country.

By the 1950s, the blender as we know it was a staple in American kitchens. But the design of the blender has come a long way since then. Today, blenders come in an array of different styles. Some are made to be aesthetically pleasing; there are niche blenders, like immersion blenders. There are even blenders that you can take with you on the go!

And that’s some blender history for you.  Not only do you now know who invented the blender but you have a little more background on how the blender became a household item.

Our favorite types of blenders?

Looking back it’s hard to believe how much the blender has changed.  From the small, heavy, low-powered original to these high poser lightweight travel blenders and high powered low price kitchen powerhouse of today.  So now that we have talked about who invented the blender and the days of old, here are a couple of modern blenders you might find interesting. 

Portable Blender so You can Juice Anywhere

We love portable juice blenders. Because this type of blender is portable, you can easily incorporate juices into your diet. The blender allows for healthy alternatives to soda, energy drinks, or gas station smoothies.

Get everything ready before you leave, gather your ingredients, put them in the blender bottle, and go! The ease of prep and convenience of a small portable blender makes this the perfect gadget. Take it to the beach. Take it to a ballgame. Take it with you anywhere.

Check out this cute on-the-go blender. It comes in four different colors, can blend a perfect cocktail, and is under $40. SOLD!

Traditional Kitchen Blender

It’s the blender we all have, know, and love- a classic. The countertop blender combines power and compactness to create the perfect beverage. Its uses are unlimited as it can blend thick mixtures, puree whole foods, and craft the perfect frozen cocktail. These blenders typically come with tight-fitting lids to prevent leaking or spillage.

Cute Little Blender

Check out this awesome countertop blender. Emulsifying power, sleek design, and ALSO under $100? SOLD, AGAIN!

To see other types of blenders plus our top picks in each category, make sure to go read our article: Discover The 7 Different Types of Blenders

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