Still Wondering How Many Smoothies Can You Drink A Day?

So you ready to get healthy and pound down those smoothies.  But how many can you drink a day before its too many?

3 a day? 10…100!!! 

Is there such a thing as too much of a good thing?

Simple Answer: There is no definite limit too how many is too many. Technically, you can consume a smoothie for every meal without any concern. Think of it as a smoothie cleanse instead of a juice cleanse. There are a ton of noted benefits that come with doing a cleanse. Specifically designed to rid your body of toxins, hydrate, and enrich your body, cleanses can be great for you.

Key Benefits of Smoothies

weight loss

Weight Loss

Drinking smoothies can help you shed unwanted pounds. Because you’d replace chewable food with a smoothie drink, you can lose weight. Fast. Not just any smoothie will do, though. If you’re planning on substituting meals for a smoothie, try making them more substantive.

Fruits and vegetables are the most common smoothie ingredients but adding protein changes the game. Try adding Greek yogurt or cottage cheese when blending your elements together. You could even add a flavored protein powder to ensure you get an adequate amount throughout the day.

glowing skin

Glowing Skin

Smoothies can help make your skin look flawless. Who doesn’t want that? Smoothies contain fruits and vegetables which are packed with skin-loving ingredients. Don’t know where to start? Try dates. Dates are known to fight back against collagen breakdown. Add a mango. This fruit contains carotenoids which give the complexion a beautiful glow.


Better Sleep

Sleep is essential, and not getting enough of it causes a physical toll. Sleep ensures your body’s ability to function at a high level and guarantees superior brain activity. How does this pertain to a smoothie?

Adding the right ingredient can help you drift off to sleep. For example, bananas contain a hormone called melatonin which is known to help you sleep easier and for more extended periods of time. Almonds contain magnesium. Adding them to your smoothie can relax your muscles after a long day and induce a blissful night of sleep.

food cravings

Fights Food Cravings

The nutrient-dense ingredients in a smoothie can help you feel fuller for longer. Drinking a smoothie packed with protein, especially in the morning, will create a foundation that keeps you full well into the day. Additionally, smoothies are so versatile. You can create a healthy version of your favorite blizzard and stop your crazy sweet cravings dead in their tracks.



Our bodies are 70% water. Keeping hydrated is one of the most important and healthy things we can do for ourselves. Made right, smoothies aid in getting the recommended H20 intake. When choosing what to add to your smoothie, ensure you’re going for produce or fruit with high water content. Or don’t and simply add water to your smoothie when blending. Either way, you’ll reap the benefits.

Obviously, too much of anything is bad for you. If you recognize that a smoothie cleanse is a restrictive way of eating and not intended to be a long-term diet plan, blend away!

Some things to be cautious of

  • Watch out for sugar content in your smoothies. You don’t want high sugar content ruining the health benefits of your blended drink.
  • Calories. When packing your smoothie full of nutritious foods, make sure you’re not going overboard with your calorie intake.
  • If you don’t feel well- stop. Eat something. No one is judging you.

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