The Best Juicers Under $100 for Your Budget

Juicing — the art and craft of the tasty, ahhh!-worthy sip — isn’t limited to only California-bred fitness fanatics anymore.

With affordable, high-quality juicing products available in today’s market, making your own juice is easier and more convenient than ever.

Do you want to start every morning with your very own concoction of fresh, delicious fruit and vegetable juices? You don’t have to pay a month’s worth of groceries to begin!

We’ve compiled the four best juicers under $100 here to fit your budget and jump-start your new healthy habit.

NutriChef PKJCR305 Juicer

Surprisingly Quiet for a Sweet Price

The NutriChef PKJCR305 Masticating Citrus Juicer 160 Watt Juicer looks unassuming but is a high-yield, no-frills juicer intended for citrus fruits.

Its open-top design makes it easy to clean and store. Also,  the press can handle various different sizes of fruit to fit everything from a Meyer lemon to a Ruby Red grapefruit.

You’ll hold the cut fruit and apply pressure from the top and squeeze from the sides, but the NurtriChef does the work for you with its automatic stop/start. The simple design gets high reviews from users and is available online at prices around $40.

Handling Everything But Your Kitchen Space

One concern among at-home juice lovers is that machines can be bulky, with multiple attachments and wide, cumbersome bases.

The Juice Fountain Compact BJE 200XL, made by Breville, is the answer for small kitchen counters and limited cabinet space. It measures only 10” deep, can fit a whole fruit into its opening (up to 3”), and packs 700 watts of motor power into its solid base, so it’s surprisingly powerful for its size.

Hate hand-washing tiny pulp particles? The Compact has all dishwasher-safe parts and includes a small brush to really deep-clean the interior mesh screen, keeping pulp residue away. You’ll be ready for a brand new recipe the next time without any fear of yesterday’s smashed kale or pressed garlic sneaking in.

top juicers under 100

For the high-quality construction you get with this juicer, the Compact is a bargain at $95. It comes in under our $100 limit, but with its easy-clean parts, powerful motor, and sleek design, it feels like a luxury kitchen appliance for a fraction of the price! And as a bonus, this Breville also made our best for leafy greens and best for the money lists.


Slow Juice for Higher Health Benefits

Freshly pressed fruit and vegetable juices make for excellent snacks or a meal in themselves, but many cancer patients rely on them as a primary source of nutrition. Juices provide easily digestible forms of vitamins and minerals that boost immune systems and help the healing process. For these juice drinkers, it’s essential that their juices retain as many antioxidants as possible from the fruits and vegetables.

The answer to this?

Slow juicing, mimics the natural chewing process and avoids heat, which may diminish the health properties of the juices. If you want the maximum benefits of slow juicing without having to squeeze pounds of fruit by hand, consider the AMZCHEF Masticating Slow Juicer.

This machine uses a low-powered motor to carefully crush and spin the fruit, which in turn preserves fiber, retains nutritional content, and keeps the juice from needing refrigeration or added ice before drinking because it doesn’t leave the machine as a hot liquid. An additional benefit of the AMZCHEF masticating juicer is that it lessens foam and froth buildup on the juice, extending the shelf life of the freshly pressed juices

The AMZCHEF juicer is available online and from retailers starting at only $79, and it’s a worthwhile investment for those wanting the absolute, maximum health benefits that fresh fruits and vegetables have to offer. You could eat pounds and pounds of raw produce a day, but an easier alternative is slow juicing in the convenience of your home or medical center.

 Big-Batch Juicing & Bonus Material

If ‘bigger is better, then the Hamilton Beach Juice Extractor (2 Speed, Big Mouth) takes first place for juicing for a crowd. With this appliance, your next weekend brunch at home can offer a sophisticated alternative to frozen juice from a carton.

The Extractor boasts a 30-ounce pitcher (BPA-free) to hold freshly pressed juice, and has a lid to separate froth and foam, leaving only pure juice goodness. Additionally, it carries an extra-large pulp bin to hold the rind and flesh from used fruits and vegetables. This design feature is amazing for those who want to use every part of their produce, as it preserves the bonus material without needing to stop after every few fruits to empty out the container. Health nuts and juicing fans know that this used pulp is a valuable, fiber-rich ingredient to add to muffins, loaves of bread, soups, and more.

Hamilton Beach Premium Juicer

At an amazingly low price of only $69, it’s definitely an affordable option for supplying a large group with fresh, bright drinks.

Whether you need it for a breakfast buffet or a summertime lemonade stand, easily fitting in as one of our best juicers for under $100,  the Hamilton Beach Premium Juicer can handle your big batch jobs as well as any smaller ones!

So, What Are You Waiting For?

Now you have seen four of the best juicers under $100.   With these options, you can enjoy fresh juice within any budget.

You don’t need a punch card anymore to reward you for making the hike to the local juice bar. DIY your own! With these affordable options for juicing machines, pressing fresh fruits and vegetables in the comfort of your own home is easy, time and money-saving, and — best of all — good for your body!

So what’s the delay?  There is no excuse to not try juicing for yourself.  Improve your diet, enjoy so fresh juice, and save some money!

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