Not all of us have a juicer on hand when we decide we want to do a juice detox for a few days, and not everyone wants to invest in one when they’re not sure they ever want to do the process again. That’s why this article is all about how to juice cleanse without using a juicer! While some argue the best way to get nutrients from the vegetables and fruits you’re juicing are to only run them through a juicer, there are some merits to using other methods of obtaining the juice out of the vegetables and fruits you’re using.

how to do a juice cleanse

Why Juice?

Juicing offers your body many of the nutrients it needs in order to survive. It gives your body a more effective, faster way to absorb nutrients that boost your immune system naturally obtained from vegetables and fruits. It provides a way to unlock the digestive enzymes typically hidden away in the fiber matrix of the entire fruit and vegetable. Most commercial juices are so processed they lack nutrition while a freshly juiced vegetable or fruit is loaded with the vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients that are imperative for our body’s healthy survival.

Drinking fresh juice can help you adopt a healthier eating pattern. For someone who doesn’t traditionally consume a lot of fruits and vegetables, including fresh juice is a fun and different way to increase the consumption of these important plant foods to improve wellness and health and reach weight loss goals.

What Makes It So Special?

When you juice fruits and vegetables, you remove the fiber from the fruits and vegetables. While it’s known fiber is an important part of a balanced diet, removing the insoluble fiber allows your body to absorb the specific phytonutrients and enzymes it needs while the soluble fiber is still available in the juice. When you remove the fibers and consume the fruits and vegetables in a liquid form, you provide a nutrient delivery system to your body that allows someone with a difficulty eating whole vegetables the opportunity to obtain the many benefits vegetables and fruits have to offer.

The Difference between Juices and Smoothies

Many who are juicing professional are often asked the difference between juicing and blending. The entire fiber contained in green smoothies and whole processed juices are beneficial to your health on an everyday basis. However, during a period of detoxification or a juicing diet, pulp and pulp free juices allow for a more gentle digestive process. This leaves you more energy for detoxification, regeneration, and cleansing.

How to juice cleanse without a juicer is simple. There is a place for both blending and juicing; however, if you do not have a juicer at home, you can use a blender. Take the vegetables and fruits you want in your juice, it should be around eighty percent vegetables and twenty percent fruits, and process them in a blender slowly. If the speed is too high, you risk breaking down some of the minerals and vitamins and making them unusable for your body. Then pour the pulp through a fine mesh sieve. You can go as far as using cheesecloth if you desire. Then consume!

Cleansing versus Fasting

How to juice cleanse for cleansing purposes rather than fasting purposes is a little different. When you are juicing for cleansing, it’s important to consume juice on an empty stomach. It’s preferable to use a slightly more fruit-based juice in the daytime to help break down the toxins in your body. The more vegetable-based juices are more alkaline and contain more minerals, so they’re better for in the afternoon and evening to help rebuild the body and prepare it for sleep. This is not a strict science and you can mix them up, but these are some general guidelines.

When you’re juicing for a fast, it’s necessary to strain the juice to ensure the solids are not consumed. Solid food encourages the digestive process to start again and will make you hungry. Straining isn’t necessary if you’re cleansing without fasting. If you feel you need more juice, more calories, or you feel your blood sugar is low, you can consume more juice throughout the day. Most juices will contain between one hundred and a hundred and fifty calories, and are packed with minerals and vitamins. So you can consume as much as you want.

Juicing is an excellent way to help your body clean toxins out its systems and repair itself, but you don’t have to invest in a juicer the first time you try it. It’s also recommended you only juice for three days if it’s your first time.

how to juice cleanse

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