Ready to Learn How to do a Juice Cleanse?

Juice cleansing is now is gaining significance to most people. Laboratory studies show that a cleanse can help unleash the natural healing power of your body. It gets rid of the built up toxins and juicing supplies your system with powerful nutrients and antioxidants. And while many folks will choose to use a juicer to make fresh made juice, you can also follow any cleanse juicer free. This post is your ultimate guide on how to do a juice cleanse. Let’s dive in and learn!

So how to do a juice cleanse?

Doing a juice cleanse is a process that requires you to take several measures on every stage i.e. Pre-Cleanse, During Cleanse and Post-Cleanse. Therefore, preparation is the first step to enjoying a great cleanse.

So committing your time to prepare for your juice cleanse is a great way you can maximize the benefits of your purge. It is medically fit to pre-cleanse for about 2 to 7 days based on your current eating habits and lifestyle.

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Pre-Cleanse Stage

During the pre-cleanse stage, make sure you take a light and healthy diet about three days before embarking on your juice cleanse to ease your hunger cravings during the cleanse. Include fresh organic fruits, vegetables, eggs, whole grains.

Ensure that you drink about 8-glasses of water daily. During this stage avoid taking sugar, processed food substances dairy products, caffeine, and alcoholic drinks.

Time for doing your cleanse is an important consideration if you want desirable results. So ensure you will have a free time to reflect and rest. Don’t do a cleanse during a major life transition or emotionally intense time.

Attitude is yet another integral element throughout the cleansing process. Set up a goal to what you want to achieve through your juice cleanse.

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During Cleanse Stage

At this stage, it’s recommended that you do 100% juice cleanse because eating slows down the cleaning process. And if you have to eat during the process then choose organic fruits and vegetables.

You may engage in light exercises such as stretching, yoga or walks. During this stage, your energy requirements will change, therefore, pay attention to your body requirements.

At this stage, introspective activities like meditation and ensure you have adequate time to take care of yourself.

During Post-Cleanse Stage

Now that you’re done with your purging process, you can return to eating solid foods gradually. It is recommended to follow a diet similar to the pre-cleanse diet while at this stage.

Start off with organic fruits and green vegetables, whole grains in the next day and so on as the days goes. Your cleanse experience should help you create new healthy eating habits.

Continue taking some time to relax, so don’t jump into strenuous activities right from your juice cleanse. It is also a good time to integrate your cleanse experience back into your life.

Attitude is yet another integral element throughout the cleansing process. Set up a goal to what you want to achieve through your juice cleanse.

So what are the benefits of doing a juice cleanse?

Help reduce cell damage

There are free radicals which are unstable in our bodies they want to make other cells unstable. They are can easily steal electrons from the lipids in our cell linings causing lipid peroxidation.

This condition can lead to cell damage and accelerated aging. Studies conducted after performing a cleanse with juice, the results showed a significant decrease in lipid peroxidation.

Weight loss

By doing a cleanse you can lose about 4 pounds within three days. With a juice cleanse, is said to cause a significant reduction in Firmicutes bacteria commonly associated with obesity.


Juices are rich in anti-oxidants that help in neutralizing free radicals in your body. These anti-oxidants helps in fighting disease and reducing risks of cancer.

Helps in digestion

A good cleanse or purge with juice is said to increase bacteria associated with a gastrointestinal tract development.

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Helps in healing the cells

During cleansing, you’ll switch to organic based diet which allows your body cells to work optimally, and this helps in re-establishing efficient internal messaging and proper manufacturing processes.

Now you know how you can do your own juice cleanse with no hassle. Before, doing your cleanse, take time and assess whether you are ready for the process. It is also important to consult your health care provider.

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